About Creatrix - Creatrix Body Art

About Creatrix

cre·a·trix  noun

she who brings forth, creates, manifests, gives birth to worlds - Authoress, Mother, Creatress

Creatrix BodyArt is a team of talented, passionate Goddesses from across Australia, who are coming together to create a powerful and potent collaboration of magic, beauty and creativity.

Inspired by the beauty of the human form, their aim is to empower people, to embrace their potential for transformation, acceptance and uninhibited self expression. The Creatrix team sees the human form as the ultimate canvas, each being unique and dynamic.

The term Creatrix stands for mother who give birth and goddess who brings forth, creates and transforms.

The backbone of our Creatrix team are Elfie, Aleisha and Zephyr - three wonderful Body Artists. Part of this collaboration are other talented women who are painters, graphic artists, jewellery makers, performers and much more. The team was born only recently and is rapidly expanding.

“Creatrix is a place where we meet and collaborate, have fun playing with other like-minded Goddesses who are drawn to do the same mystical creative things that we are. When we come together we are creating pure magix in the matrix"

~ ( Even if it looks a lot like playing silly dress ups :) ~