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Artist Bios


Elfie Jade is the primary artist, initiator and ‘mother’ of Creatrix Bodyart.  She gave birth to this new collaboration as an offspring to her enterprise ElfenCreatrix Bodyart.

Drawing on her experience as a makeup artist, body painter and graphic designer, she has been honing her artistic process for 5 years, primarily within the 'festival world’ and ‘corporate event space' across Australia. Her work has been recognised by a number of awards and has been utilised for professional dance performances and lifestyle/fashion publications. She is well known and respected both locally and nationally as an artist, teacher, mentor, manager and designer.  

"For me, 'Body Art' is a celebration of beauty; an adoration and embellishment of the divine human body. I truly love to create for people the space to step into their magical dreamworld and to explore their Avatar. It feels like I am giving people the allowance to become uninhibited, free, explorative, transparent, innocent like a child. In some way I’m painting a mask that allows people to take their mask off - to shed their skin and to become free. It is my absolute joy to witness the profound transformation and healing that is occurring for the person I’m painting and as an extension, for myself too.”


I feel truly blessed to be able to connect with people through Body Art.

When I paint I feel a part of and draw on the history of this shamanic practice, used by human culture from as early as we have records for. I love having the opportunity to deeply look at a person, find their beautiful essence and then to express it onto their body.

I feel honoured by the trust that people give me and welcome each opportunity to give people a chance to step into and embody their avatar, try it on for size, and reclaim the magical part of themselves which has been hiding behind 'Normal'.

It is so beautiful to create joy in this way.


Hi I'm Holly! I am a mama of two kiddies, living on the Sunshine Coast and loving my journey into Body Art. Totally inspired to pick up a brush by seeing the quality of children's face art at a market and boom! Straight into it as soon as my kit arrived!

My evolution was fast and working with Creatrix at Splendour this year helped me get into my natural groove with highly experimental and intuitive Body Art.

I am committed to growing with Creatrix and so excited to be part of such a dynamic group of women!


Sadly - our beautiful Creatrix sister Alana has recently taken a journey into other raums of existence during a skydiving accident. Radiating, shining, talented, joyful - she was always an integral and dearly loved member of our team. We all miss her dearly.  We celebrate her life and the gifts she used to share so abundantly with us and the world. Fly free, soar high dear Creatrix Sister! 

'It is such a pleasure be a part of the Creatrix team and working alongside such talented artists. The Journey of the people who are  baring their body to create an artwork is a very empowering experience with deep transformative value for all involved, and I feel greatly privileged to be a part of this creation process.' 

See her former work here


I have loved painting as long as I can remember. However working with Creatrix gives me something very special. Being offered a fellow humans face and body as a blank canvas is a intimately profound experience.

I became involved with BodyArt when Elfie and Zeph (Creatrix founding members) offered to adorn my body for a photo shoot. After eight hours of painting, my entire body had been transformed into a Galactic Warrior Goddess and I have never felt so strong and so beautiful.

That feeling is a gift I wish to share. We are all beautifully blessed beings and through the work of the strong sisters of Creatrix, I am given the opportunity to show people a physical representation of their light within.